The Importance of Having an Employee Wellness Fitness Challenge

A fun and engaging way to positively impact employee health and workplace morale.

Lack of Activity is Deadly

Employee Wellness Challenge


of American adults do not get the recommended level of physical activity.

-U.S. Department of Health and Human Services


of healthcare spending is caused by problems associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices (diet and fitness) that can lead to chronic diseases.

-Corporate Wellness Magazine

BHS employee health- health sign
Employee Wellness Challenge for employee

$480 billion

in annual healthcare costs associated with low levels of physical activity.

-Center for Disease Control (CDC)


of American adults are obese.

-Institute for Health Metrics

American adults are obese.
medical costs for obese employees


higher annual medical costs for obese employees .

-Corporate Wellness Magazine

$1.1 trillion

in lost productivity associated with obesity.

-The Milken Institute

lost productivity associated with obesity.

A Customized Employee Wellness Challenge to Fit Your Needs

a healthy active culture

Create a healthy active culture through customized fitness and health outcome programs.


of employees would participate in an exercise program through their workplace.

- Aflac Insurance

participate in an exercise program through their workplace
Healthier Bottom Line Through Onsite Screening and Treatment - employees that participate


of employees that participate in programs report higher job satisfaction.

- Corporate Wellness Magazine


of workers at companies led by leaders that support well-being efforts say they feel motivated to do their best at their jobs.

- American Psychological Association

leaders that support well-being
support well-being


of employers with programs reported increased productivity.

- International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

Sample Activities

Step/Walking Challenges

Weight Loss Contests

Holiday Weight Challenge

BMI Improvement Challenge

Daily Habit Challenge

Gym Time Challenge

Plank Contest

Field Days

Sample Activities
Functionally Optimized Employee Massages for Workplace Health -Workplace-

Optimize organizational performance by measurably improving the health and wellness of your employees.