testimonials-bg “Our employees are happier, experience way less pain than ever, feel safer, and are more productive having a BHS nurse onsite.”

What others are saying

Charles Schwab

Financial Services

“You cannot improve what you cannot measure…With BHS you can detect and manage musculoskeletal disorders that can later lead to chronic pain. “

Jeffrey Scott, Team Manager

The NextUs

Commercial Offices

“As a result of the partnership with BHS…I find myself more productive, more stable, better focused.”

Judy Pairing, Owner/Founder

Antylia Scientific

Biopharma, Environmental and Life Sciences

“I recommend BHS to meet your overall health and fitness goals.”

Leo Stevens, Senior VP

SJK Consulting

Executive Advisory Healthcare Consulting

“Overall, I was surprised at the results...and modified my workout regime to avoid further complications.”

Sam Kellerhals, Author & Consultant

Circle H Headquarters

Animal and Food Production

“Choosing BioFunctional Health Solutions was the best decision I ever made.”

Jacob Stevens, Lab Technician & Ultra Runner

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