Computer-Aided MSD Assessment (CAMA)

Patented posture and mobility analysis technology to assess injury risk of your workforce

Objective analysis – computer-aided 3D motion assessment

Individualized reports – employees receive immediate feedback

Professionally administered - highly-trained medically licensed staff

Comprehensive data-based injury risk analysis – prevent workers compensation cases

Would you like to be able to predict injuries to your employees before they happen?

Workplace injuries don’t just happen, they are almost always the result of restrictions in posture, mobility, and strength. The impact on businesses in lost productivity, healthcare costs, and employee morale are massive, over $297B annually in the U.S.


45 MSD-related doctor visits per 100 employees annually

100% of MSD related injuries presented early indicators in mobility or strength.


Annual MSD Cost Per employee:
Direct Medical: $1507
Workers’ Comp: $159

Objectively measure the scale of the MSD issue in your workplace before injuries occur.


2.9 lost work days per employee annually due to MSDs

Implement a customized MSD treatment program and recapture lost productivity.

  • Licensed medical professionals administer a computer-aided posture and range of motion analysis on your employees revealing existing injuries and those at risk of injury.
  • Employer chooses available recommended treatment pathways for employees.
  • Effective pre-employment screening to avoid costly workers compensation cases.
  • Leverages patented technology that is fully integrated with our delivery model to provide actionable employer information.
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Kinetisense Man

Non-invasive Biomechanical Assessment

Employees undergo a 3-5 minute mobility assessment conducted by licensed medical professionals.

Posture Analysis

Quickly and accurately capture an employee’s posture which is a major leading indicator of existing and potential MSD injuries.

CAMA Posture pic
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Individualized Risk Profile

Employees are empowered with an objective and immediate report summarizing their risk of MSDs and current posture.

Analysis of Organizational MSD Risk

The most accurate, objective, and comprehensive risk analysis available to proactively identify and manage MSDs in the workplace.