Proprietary intuitive diagnostic tool creates customized treatment plans for over 150 MSD injuries

Easy to use symptom checker – 24 x 7 online access to address injuries and pain when they occur

Clinical quality treatment plans – designed with best in class hands-on provider techniques

Virtual physical therapy assistant – video library providing simple self treatment instructions

Effective self-treatment – reduce time and costs to treat common injuries


45 MSD-related doctor visits per 100 employees annually

Resolve over 30% of MSD issues without a doctor’s visit


Annual MSD Cost Per employee:
Direct Medical: $1507
Workers’ Comp: $159

Experience a 40X return on investing in self-treatment.


2.9 lost work days per employee annually due to MSDs

Recapture one lost working day per employee each year.

  • Only self-treatment clinical quality system in the world developed based on the industry’s most effective provider applied techniques.
  • Easy to follow customized step-by-step treatment plans with instructional videos.
  • Most treatments require 10 minutes or less daily.
  • Includes the proprietary online symptom checker.
  • Reduces the need for provider visits, surgeries, physical therapy and medications for pain, loss of strength, or mobility issues.
  • Fully integrated with our delivery model to provide actionable employer information.

Online Symptom Checker

Proprietary intuitive point-and-click body map enables user to quickly and easily determine problem area(s) to begin assessment process.

Customized Treatment Plan

Proprietary probabilistic model identifies best treatment pathway and includes warm-ups, stretches, strengthening exercises, and self-applied provider quality hands-on MSD treatments.


Reduce Costs

Reduce lost days at work, workers’ compensation, and medical costs.

Most MSDs are self-treatable, but until now, there has not been a way to identify underlying issues and customize treatments without a doctor’s visit.