BHS Employee Health & Wellness Solutions in Hawaii

The only all-in-one employee health and wellness solution designed to be scalable for small businesses to Fortune 500 international companies.  Our solutions assure that your employees feel their best and are able to do their best at work and home through a comprehensive nurse-led employer benefit bringing elite care to your employees wherever they are, at your office or working remotely.  We are leaders in soft tissue healthcare to address musculoskeletal conditions (MSKs) with exclusive rights to the same hands-on system trusted by professional athletic teams since 1992.

Our Hawaii locations in Honolulu, Pearl City, and Mililiani are at the center of healing chronic pain and preventing surgeries.  We have also developed the first clinical level self-treatment system to empower employees to resolve most of their pain-causing issues from home.  BHS leverages clinically validated 3D range of motion software to detect and prevent injuries before they happen or worsen.  We take a holistic approach to ergonomics by assuring the mobility health of your employees and identify risks to their mobility health (musculoskeletal disorders) through our easy to implement ergonomics assessment tools.

Our HIPAA compliant telehealth portal allows our providers to guide employees anywhere on their health and wellness needs.  The list of what we do for employees is very long as is the scope of the nursing practice, but to name a few: smoking cessation, mental health support, weight loss, first aid, injury triage, nutrition, chronic disease management/support, and many more.

Having a BHS certified nurse lead your public health efforts regarding infectious diseases, like Covid 19 and influenza, adds a layer of safety and assurance that is simply priceless in being able to confidently return to work.  For those issues that we cannot resolve we provide case management to follow your employee’s care to facilitate the best health outcome.  We address the whole-person’s health and wellness with technology-enabled solutions that are best in class and have been helping Hawaii employers since 2007 improve the productivity and retention of their most valuable resource, employees.

Hawaii Workplace Ergonomics

The small problems in an office can become big ones when they're not addressed. A few simple ergonomic adjustments and best practices can help keep the issues at bay, and they don't have to cost you a fortune to implement.

Dedicated Registered Nurse in Hawaii

Our licensed registered nurses bring employers the extensive scope of practice of the nursing profession plus a secret ingredient otherwise not available to the general public.  That is the same soft tissue healthcare professional athletes trust to treat and resolve pain and mobility issues.

Functionally Optimized Massage in Hawaii

We deliver to the workplace, the best hands-on soft tissue healthcare that has been trusted by professional and elite athletes since 1991. This program is designed to treat and resolve musculoskeletal disorders that cause pain as well as mitigate risks of workplace injuries.

Patented Computer-Aided Mobility Health Assessment

Clinically validated and accurate, objective 3D mobility health system to identify injury risks before they become more serious. Employee health and wellness is critical for any scale business in Hawaii. Keep your employees healthy and maximize the productivity of your business.

Employee Health & Wellness in Hawaii- Ergonomics

The best ergonomics programs are the ones that engage the employee in the problem identification and solution design.  Our intuitive tools were designed to be effective across all four working generations without the need for expensive equipment or a lot of time.

Mobility Health Self-Assessment for Hawaii employees

Online system to enable awareness of individual mobility health and potential risks before they become injuries.  Coupled with our correctives library, this is a powerful tool for any distributed (remote) workforce. WFH (Work From Home) employees in Hawaii can benefit greatly from our self-assessment tools online to identify issues before they escalate.

Self Treatment System For Employee Health in Hawaii

Employee health and wellness in Hawaii is critical for the economy and the well-being of your workers. BioFunctional Health Solutions have created a way to identify and treat issues causing pain from anywhere that your employees are. Proven effective by itself or as a complement to a provider-directed treatment strategy via TeleHealth or an onsite provider, our tools for employee wellness are unique and unparalleled.

TeleHealth for Hawaii Employees

Your organization gets a dedicated registered nurse available for the facilitation of employee wellness programs in Hawaii as well as address employee healthcare concerns.  All our providers are also certified in our proprietary soft-tissue healthcare system making them an MVP in any Hawaii organization.

Onsite First-Aid for Hawaii Employees in the Workplace

Onsite registered nurses provide triage and care for minor health issues and injuries in the workplace. Having your own dedicated nurse for work-related injuries is invaluable. Mitigating employee stress from accidents and improving wellness in the workplace is paramount to our clients, and we offer the best care available.

Infectious Disease Control

BHS can help you design and implement best practices for the prevention of infectious diseases like COVID-19, influenza, and common colds. Most importantly, our nurses provide a feeling of workplace safety.

Case Management

If a BHS nurse cannot resolve an issue an employee is having, we partner with local provider networks across the state of Hawaii to assure the best possible health outcome and the ultimate wellness for your employees. Keeping folks safe in the workplace is of paramount concern to us, and we will work with employers to find the best care solution.

Nutrition and Fitness

Personalized diet and activity plans with regular follow-ups to assure that goals are set and met that improve overall health and wellness.

Health & Wellness Fairs for Hawaii Employees

Host onsite or virtual health & wellness fairs for your Hawaii employees that actually make a difference. Practicing employee wellness in the workplace by adding additional access to groundbreaking information, stretching routines and more to support your employees’ overall health and wellness nurtures a caring culture.

Wellness Challenges

Create engagement and fun at the workplace, whether you are collocated or not, with one of our innovative and proven programs.