Personalized Wellness Program

Our personalized programs are effective, because they are based on your biological data and DNA.

Improve Overall Health

Restore Mental Focus

Maximize Energy Levels

“BHS is the first to crack the code on what well-being really is. They have developed a simple approach that works for anyone from the average beginner to the most elite athletes.”

Eli Bremer

Olympian, Sports & TV Broadcaster

“BHS has given me hope, by giving me results in several areas that I have struggled with for years, that I was afraid could never be fixed. They are at the leading edge of pain resolution, brain function optimization, and improving energy levels…surpassing anything I experienced during my 11-year NFL career.”

Ben Garland

NFL Player, CEO Wingman63

“BHS took me out of the box that every other program put me in. They used my DNA and lab tests to understand my biology and design a program that allowed me to work smarter not harder and get results beyond my imagination.”

Jennifer Michelle

AVP Equity Finance

Choose the plan that fits your lifestyle

We help you LOOK your best, FEEL your best, and DO your BEST. Increase your productivity & wellness by eliminating brain fog, resolving pain, and maximizing for your individual health & performance.

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Expert Consultation

$ 199
  • 1-hour online or in-person consultation
  • Health history assessment and goal evaluation
  • Personalized testing recommendations
  • Personalized supplementation plan
  • Personalized sleep hygiene program
  • Personalized nutrition program
  • Personalized brain health plan
  • Personalized activity/fitness recommendations
  • Personalized metabolism hacks

Build your own program

A la Carte
  • Extensive At-home Testing Options
  • Comprehensive Lab Packages
  • “Limitless” Supplement Packages
  • Individual Medical Grade Supplements
  • Brain Heath Supplements
  • Schedule Onsite or Online Services
  • Discounted Biometric and Wearable Devices
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Limitless possibilities for overall health, wellness and maximum potential.


Brain Function Optimization

Psychological Strength Building

Weight Loss

Expert 2nd Opinions

Lab Results & Diagnostics

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Sleep / Recovery Improvement

Mental & Physical Performance Improvement

Reduce Body Fat

Personalized Supplement Programs

Resolving Musculoskeletal Pain without Surgery

Resolving Long Covid Symptoms

Metabolic & Biome Health Improvement

AI Supported Systems

Genetic Evaluation & Consultation

Aesthetics – Skin & Hair Restoration

Comprehensive Diagnostic Lab Testing

Food Sensitivity and Allergy Testing & Consultation

Functional Medicine