Workers' Comp Case Management

Collaboration and coordination of care assures the best possible health outcome for your employees.

Getting Lost in the Shuffle Hurts

case management to employers

The burden of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) to employers and workplaces is significant; and the most important cost to employers and society is lost time from work.

-Health and Safety Executive Journal


higher cost of care due to fragmentation.

-American Journal of Managed Care

case management - cost
case management-procedure every year due to fragmented care


patients receive at least 1 overused procedure every year due to fragmented care.

-Journal of the American Medical Association


more lost time from work without case management.

-National Library of Medicine

case management - employee health - from work without case management.
case management - compensation costs to employers without a case management program


higher workers’ compensation costs to employers without a case management program.

-National Library of Medicine


higher medical costs due to fragmented care.

-National Library of Medicine

case management - saving

Big Problem...Simple Solution

case management - broken healthcare

Studies have demonstrated that higher continuity and reduced fragmentation is associated with lower-cost and higher-quality health care.

- Journal of the American Medical Association


decrease in frequency of lost time and medical claims rate with case management.

- National Library of Medicine

case management - claims
case management - details


Reduction in workers’ compensation costs as a result of case management programs.

- National Library of Medicine


Lower medical costs for employees with case management.

- National Library of Medicine

case management - explain

Accidents Happen

Prevention is critical, but when accidents happen at work, case management assures efficient, cost effective, results-oriented healthcare.

case management - benefit


Fewer lost days of work

Lower medical costs

Lower workers’ compensation costs

Decrease unnecessary procedures

Appropriate care

Empower employees to manage issues

Improve productivity

Happier and healthier employees

Become an employer of choice

Optimize organizational performance by measurably improving the health and wellness of your employees.

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Make your workplace the solution.