Virtual Wellness Activities For Remote Workers

With the advent of the age of working from home, many employers want to help support the wellness of their remote workers. Working remotely means that employees miss out on many aspects of employer wellness programs, like an afternoon walk with other employees or a break room stocked with healthy snacks and beverages. Remote workers also miss out on the face-to-face camaraderie that can motivate and support them in making lifestyle changes. 

Ways You Can Support Your Remote Workers

1. Create more flexibility in your wellness incentive plan

Incentives are a large part of any effective wellness plan. Unfortunately, many incentives are based around being at the same physical office space, such as a catered lunch on Friday if everyone meets their step goals. Tailoring your incentives to include your virtual workers will increase their motivation towards their wellness goals. Gift cards make a good incentive for all employees, not just remote ones. 

This also means adapting a point-based incentive program, particularly during this pandemic. If a person earns points by participating in particular wellness activities, make sure these activities are accessible and safe for your employees. For example, yoga or other fitness classes and group activities like a marathon right now might not be safe or available options. Adding plenty of activities employees can do to earn points that are safe during the pandemic is a great way to keep everyone active and involved in their wellness journey. 

2. Offer programs on mental and emotional health topics

Mental and emotional health has been a challenge for many people during the pandemic. In addition to many people transitioning to working from home, any of your employees who are parents dealt with a huge life change while schools were closed. And all of this is on top of the fear and stress of being in a global pandemic. Help your employees cope with all the changes in their life and work by offering educational programs and classes on mental and emotional health. Not only will education on these topics support your employees’ overall wellness, but it will make them better employees as well. Employees who have tools to deal with depression and anxiety will be better able to communicate with their co-workers and clients. Healthy communication tools are included in mental and emotional health training and will help to benefit the entire organization overall. 

3. Create virtual groups for working on wellness goals

Wellness won’t happen in a vacuum. Organize your employees in groups or teams that meet regularly online to discuss their wellness goals. Many online platforms can support this kind of virtual meeting. This way all of your employees can receive support on their wellness journeys. And, there is the added benefit of remote workers feeling more connected to their co-workers and your organization as a whole. 

Ways Your Remote Workers Can Support Their Wellness

1. Home Workouts

Even if they don’t have access to a gym, or don’t feel safe in a post-pandemic gym environment, your virtual employees can work out at home. Add solo workouts, walks, and runs to the list of activities that earn points in a wellness challenge. You could also offer incentives that include home gym equipment and other fitness tools to support your remote workers in their at-home fitness goals. 

2. Meditation

Meditation is a great wellness activity to perform at home, especially if your remote workers are being supported by their online wellness group. Offer incentives like meditation cushions and meditation app subscriptions. Online group meditations can also be held and will allow your remote workers to be included. 

Support Remote Workers with BioFunctional Health Solutions

BioFunctional Health Solutions is all about, well, solutions. One of the easiest ways to promote employee wellness (and reduce healthcare costs) is through an employee wellness challenge with BioFunctional Health Solutions. Employee wellness challenges are a fun and engaging way to positively impact employee health and workplace morale. A sedentary lifestyle can be deadly, and expensive for employers. Create a healthy active office culture through customized fitness and health outcome programs. Healthy, engaged employees are satisfied employees who are motivated to do their jobs. A BioFunctional Health Solutions wellness challenge would consist of activities like walking challenges, weight-loss contests, daily habit challenges, and gym time challenges. By making these group activities fun with some friendly competition and prizes, your employees will be racing towards their wellness goals. Reach out to BioFunctional Health Solutions today for the best employee wellness solutions!

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