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Poor Ergonomics Examples in the Workplace & How to Fix Them

By Dmitri Antos | September 1, 2023
Bad Posture Back Pain

Ergonomics relates to designing a workplace environment to fit the worker, which keeps workers safe and more efficient. With the variations of how the standard workplace can look across different jobs, there are examples of poor ergonomics all around us. For some, there are obvious ones, while for others, we do not realize the significant …

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Employee Wellness Goals & Objectives: Examples and How to Set

By Dmitri Antos | August 29, 2023
Business team celebrating

80% of American adults do not get the recommended level of physical activity. As adults, we spend most of our week at work, most at desks. Due to a combination of companies losing money and the obesity crisis in America, some HR departments have implemented employee wellness programs to allow their employees to grow both …

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How to Prevent and Reduce Eye Strain From Computers?

By Brent Kruel | January 27, 2023
woman rubbing eyes

An unfortunate reality in our tech-heavy world is that using computers and other devices with screens can cause eye strain. The average American spends about 10 hours a day looking at a screen, and while this figure includes the use of smartphones and TV, many of us are working long hours on a computer screen. …

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How Can You Do Mindful Eating at Work?

By Brent Kruel | January 20, 2023
brain picture

Mindful eating, or intentional eating, is eating while being present in your body and mind. Essentially mindful eating is a meditative practice where one pays attention to the act of eating—intentionally. Many tools, such as putting down utensils between bites, are used to encourage presence in the eating process.  Another key component of mindful eating …

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Mental Health Risk and Protective Factors in the Workplace

By Brent Kruel | January 13, 2023
brain puzzle

Mental health issues are complex and can significantly impact the workplace. While workplace wellness programs can support overall mental health, there usually isn’t a single cause or risk factor associated with developing mental health problems like depression, anxiety, and other disorders. The human body is a complex organism, and the brain is the most complex …

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A Guide to ADA Mental Health Accommodations

By Brent Kruel | January 8, 2023

Mental health issues in the workplace are both common and misunderstood. It’s commonly thought that those with mental health conditions don’t recover, but with modern treatments, recovery is not just possible; it’s likely. Other misconceptions about mental health conditions in the workplace are that those with these conditions can’t work or perform under stressful or …

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What Causes Shoulder Blade Pain and What are the Treatment Options

By Brent Kruel | December 25, 2022
shoulder blade pain

Shoulder pain affects millions of people. Most people will experience shoulder pain at some point. If you’re experiencing pain around your shoulder blades, you might have difficulty moving or lifting items. Shoulder blade pain occurs when the muscles around or underneath the shoulder blade become inflamed and painful. You might also feel shoulder blade pain …

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How To Treat Shoulder Pain Effectively

By Brent Kruel | December 18, 2022
shoulder pain

There are millions of people with shoulder pain. Most people will experience it at some point in their lives. Most shoulder pain can be effectively treated with self-treatment and home remedies. Take charge of your healing with these effective shoulder pain treatments.  Shoulder Pain: When Should You See a Doctor?  Most of the time, mild …

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What is Tendonitis: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments

By Brent Kruel | December 11, 2022
tendonitis pain

Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon, which is a type of connective tissue that bridges your muscles and bones. This painful condition is often caused by overuse or injury. Doctors commonly suggest treatments like RICE, OTC pain meds, and exercise.  What is Tendonitis? Tendonitis is a health condition where a tendon becomes inflamed and aggravated. …

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Test: How to Know if You Have CTS

By Brent Kruel | December 4, 2022
carpel tunnel wrist

You are not alone if you think you might have carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). About 1 in 20 Americans will develop this painful wrist condition in their lifetime. Thankfully, there are many effective treatments for CTS, so if you have this condition, you will likely be able to reverse it. But how do you know …

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