Day 2: Neck Stretch

Most of us have started having some neck discomfort by now. We are all using laptops at the wrong keyboard and monitor height right now. This makes it difficult for us to maintain the correct ergonomic settings we are typically used to in our places of work.

The back of the neck becomes tight by having to constantly be activated during the day when things aren't lined up properly. It doesn't matter if you are looking up or down all day, the muscles of the neck are trying to support out large human brains. This does take a lot of work, and after 6-8 hours of doing this we start to get tightness. This leads to neck pain, weakness, headaches and in some cases it can contribute to some neurologic symptoms into the arms or hands.

One of the simplest moves we can do involves bringing the chin to the chest and slightly pushing pressure against the back of the head with the hand until we feel a nice stretch in that tight tissue. Hold the stretch for about 2 breath (remember to breath with your stomach). Perform 3-5 of these every couple of hours throughout the day to help keep those soft tissues moving.