How Case Management Can Help Reduce Healthcare Costs

A key part of many employee benefits is worker’s compensation. We’ll be examining worker’s compensation and how case management lowers costs while increasing health. Many workers’ compensation cases are musculoskeletal disorder (MSD) related. According to the Health and Safety Executive Journal, “The burden of MSDs to employers and workplaces is significant; and the most important cost to employers and society is lost time from work.” 

Using case management to support your workers' compensation cases is an effective way to handle these cases. Not only will case management help your employees heal more quickly, but it will reduce the costs of these claims. 

Access is Key

When it comes to MSDs and other health issues behind workers comp claims, timely access to appropriate medical care is necessary for a positive outcome for all parties involved. When health care is fragmented, it increases the cost of care by 177% according to the American Journal of Managed Care. For an example of how costs can expand so quickly, it’s estimated that 14.7% of patients receive one overused procedure a year. With a lack of case management, employers will see costs rise due to poorly planned out care that leads to overused procedures. 

There are additional costs to not having case management for workers comp claims. Without case management, the National Library of Medicine estimates that employees will lose 366% more time from work. That is a significant amount of lost working hours, which means a significant loss of productivity and profits. Additionally, workers' comp costs are 218% higher without case management. 

The solution to these issues, both from a health standpoint and from an organization’s bottom line is to prioritize higher continuity of care from the beginning. Case management can bring this level of continuity to all your workers' comp cases. Not only will your employees heal faster, but case management will also save your organization a lot of money. 

Accidents Happen

While your organization expertly practices prevention, accidents are inevitable. Be prepared for the inevitable by implementing case management as part of your workers’ compensation program. Benefits of case management include:

1. Fewer lost days of work

Case management will help employees miss fewer days of work due to their injury. Because they are receiving well-managed care, they will heal more quickly and have fewer appointments that require them to miss work. 

2. Lower medical costs

Health insurance costs are a huge part of many organizations’ budgets. By utilizing case management, medical costs will lower as employees receive the care they need to heal, so they will heal more quickly and require fewer treatments. 

3. Lower workers’ comp costs

Because of how effective case management is, organizations that use case management for their workers’ compensation cases will see a decrease in cost as cases are closed out sooner.

4. Decrease of unnecessary procedures

According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, 14.7% of patients receive at least 1 overused procedure every year due to fragmented care. The use of case management eliminates fragmented care and prevents overused procedures, which saves organizations money. 

5. Workers receive more appropriate care

Without case management, employees may receive slow or fragmented care. Case management assures that employees are receiving the medical care they need. 

6. Empowers employees to manage their health issues

With the support and framework that case management offers, employees will be able to take charge of their healing in real-time. 

7. Happier and healthier employees

Employees who know that their health is a priority for the organizations they work for will not only be healthier, but happier and more loyal. Using case management will allow you to optimize organizational performance by measurably improving the health and wellness of your employees. And, an organization that has an established case management system will be more attractive to potential employees down the line. Don’t let accidents slow your organization any more than necessary with case management for workers’ compensation claims. 

Case Management Through BioFunctional Health Solutions

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