Fresh and Engaging Fitness Challenge Ideas for the Workplace

Today’s fashions include lots of workout wear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone in it actually works out. Encourage a little more fitness in the workplace to complement that athletic attire with these fresh and effective ideas for fun, easy workplace fitness challenges. Your results could net you better engagement, team cohesion, focus, and creativity. Why? Because a healthier workforce brings all those benefits with them everywhere they go.

Consider these suggestions as you pitch your fitness challenge: Keep the barriers to entry extremely low. You should supply any necessary equipment or require none at all. Make it your goal for everyone to participate with the bodies they currently have. That is, make the challenges relatively easy. Lastly, offer an incentive! Even a free t-shirt could do the trick.

Walk it Off

Two miles a day is a great goal for daily walking, and lots of employees are able to track the distance on their own native phone apps. Challenge employees to walk two miles a day, three times a week.

Stretch it Out

Taking a break to stretch between tasks can have a huge effect on your overall physical and mental well-being. Challenge your team to take at least one short stretch break every day for a week or more. Keep the target goal short at around one minute, and remind your team that even reaching their arms overhead or towards their toes counts. And you don’t have to actually touch your toes, either, if you’re not too limber.

Movement Break

In the same vein, moving your body in any way can be a great thing to do for those people stuck in mostly static positions all day long. Shake things up by encouraging your office to move in any way that feels good for a short break during shifts. They might walk around the block, take a turn at the ping pong table, do a few jumping jacks, or even five squats. If someone decides to just do the Macarena at their desk, that’s allowed too.


How many flights of steps do you climb a day? If you don’t have any stairs at work or home, probably none. If you do have a staircase at work, why not take a trip up instead of using the elevator?

Yoga Practice

A daily yoga practice can calm the nervous system and prime the mind for presence and creativity. For those who can afford it, and have the space to allow it, bring in a yoga instructor to lead a few classes each week. Make the classes available to employees at no cost, and focus on beginner-friendly instruction so everyone can participate.

Tackle a Hike

If your area has access to parks and trails, pay admission for your team to get out and hike an easy-to-navigate trail. Aim for gentle changes in elevation and grade.

Take a Nap

Warning: This fitness challenge might be the most popular. Task your team with a nap outside of work to refresh and revitalize them. For those prone to the go-go-go mindset and lifestyle, it could help awaken them to a need to get more rest.

Go Bowling

Team bowling is easy to do and low-stakes. Assemble your posse and outfit them with the shoes at your local bowling alley for a classic game that works the arms and upper body. Keep the competition friendly.

Ax Throwing

Another arm-pumping workout is ax throwing. After all, who knows when you might need to use your lumberjack skills in real life. Bring the team out to an ax-throwing location and foster some togetherness while you’re at it.


Believe it or not, the pickleball sport sweeping the nation does have a world champion. Build some teamwork into the fitness challenge by taking a field trip to the pickleball court.

Kickball League

Get as many people as you can on a kickball league and sign up to play games through your local recreation center. The memories could even last a lifetime, promoting fitness and friendship at once.

Hula Hoops

Why not call your inner child to play while engaging your core? Leave a few artfully decorated hula hoops around the office and watch the hijinks ensue. Just be sure to put them in areas where the hoops won’t knock anything over as they’re used.

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