Day 8: Neck-Exercise

Hopefully by now you're starting to feel better and you're adapting to your new work environment. If not, don't give up. Stay dedicated and do these suggested self-care strategies daily.

It takes time to adapt and to add a new routine to your day. We all know how difficult it can be to break a bad habit. It is almost equally as demanding to add a new one. Be diligent in your quest to stay pain free and before you know it all of these things will become as natural as brushing your teeth! Just keep at it.

Today we introduce a neck posture exercise. It may sound a little cuter-intuitive, but usually the best advice for these sore and inflamed muscles is to activate them through some mild exercises.

The stronger the muscles of the neck are and the better your posture is, the easier it is for us to maintain the correct working postures for the day. The hardest part about this is starting and remembering to perform this throughout the day.

To perform this: Sit in a comfortable position with the eyes level. Slowly tilt the chin up and look towards the ceiling. Go to your comfort level and don't stress yourself too much. Place a hand on the back of the head and push your had into the hand while the hand resists it. You don't have to over power the hand, just push hard enough to activate the muscles.

*The goal here is to activate the muscle to stimulate healing. Over time this will help improve stamina in the muscle and decrease fatigue through the day. If you have pain while doing this modify it to be pain free or skip it.