Day 7: Neck Massage

Hopefully you have started to get some relief as we build on these self-treatments for your neck/upper back and shoulder discomfort or tension. Today we move on to something that hopefully feels good versus our normal digging into and pushing into painful spots.

Flat-hand massage is one of the simplest moves we can do to help relive pain and tension in our soft tissues. It also has the added effect of rehydrating the tissues. Depth, time and tension into the tissues helps bring water back into the system after the treatment.

Starting at the top of the neck, use you hand to get some depth and tension into the tissue. Push along the length of the neck and down towards the shoulder and upper back. Do this along your main problem areas or the whole region. Perform 3-5 of these every couple of hours throughout the day to help keep those soft tissues moving. If you're having trouble reaching a spot ask a family member for help and return the favor!

*If you want to move your neck while performing this it's okay. Do what feels good to you!