Day 4: Neck- Muscle Stripping

We are going to change the tempo a little for day 3. So far, we have been working on stretches and some exercises to help our necks start working and moving a little better. It's time to add some self treatment to the mix.

We are going to start with something simple and probably the thing we see most commonly clinically when people show up with neck/upper back discomfort, especially when it is related to sitting posture and work.

Most likely, if you do not have a whole home office set-up, you're experiencing some increase in tension and discomfort in your neck, upper back and maybe even some headaches. Don't panic, it's probably just cervicogenic cephaligia. Thats the fancy term people throw around for a headache caused from neck pain.

These headaches usually respond to some self treatment, which includes stretches and exercise. Let's see what that looks like in the video below.

These are just examples of areas to treat. The idea is to start at the top where you feel the tightness and run a line down the neck and to the arm or upper back (depending on where you feel it). You can use your thumb, fingers, or maybe have a family member watch the video with you so they can work on you if you can't reach it. perform 6-10 passes over the tender spots, going deep enough that it hurts good. If it feels good to move your neck or head while performing this, do make the rules!

*If you are on blood thinners or bruise easily use very light pressure or do not perform this, it may cause significant bruising or bleeding in the soft tissues. Be careful.