Day 26: Shoulder Friction Massage

Moving back to the shoulder today we tackle one of the more common sore and tired areas of our upper body, the back of the shoulder. Just like the neck and upper back this area resists a lot of strain in the form of forward flexion, especially since we all have a tendency to round our shoulders forward. Most of the time we don't realize how sore this area is until we start rubbing on it. We also don't realize how good it feels to rub that spot until we do it either.

This can be performed seated or standing. Use the fingertips of the opposite hand to rub the affected shoulder. rub in different directions across the spots (side to side and up and down) for about 30 seconds. This can be repeated throughout the day as needed.

*If you are struggling to reach the correct spot ask someone to help you or use a lacrosse ball against the wall to massage the spot.