Day 25: Forearm Stretch

Today's activity is for the forearm. We are going to stretch the front side of the forearm. This compartment is very busy. We use the muscles in this compartment to help us bend the wrist and fingers. The median and ulnar nerves are also mixed in with the muscles of this compartment too.

This stretch is good for getting the muscles of the anterior compartment of the forearm to relax as well as adding some motion into the nerves. We all overuse the muscles of this compartment on a daily basis, it doesn't matter what your occupation is.

To perform this: This can be performed sitting or standing. Straighten the arm out in front of you with the palm up. Use the opposite hand to pull the hand back toward the body to put tension on the muscles. Pull to a mild discomfort. Hold this stretch for about 3 breaths and repeat the process for 10.

*The goal here is to stretch the muscles and mobilize the nerves in the forearm. Over time this will help improve flexibility and strength, helping to decrease fatigue through the day. If you have pain while doing this modify it to be pain free or skip it.

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