Day 24: Spine Stretch

Today is a stretch day and our focus is on the spine. This is one of my personal favorites to do. It really feels like everything around my spine is relaxing when I do it. The idea here is to move slowly, get into position slowly and go as far as you can comfortably. We are not looking to pop the spine here, just a nice relaxing stretch.

To perform this: lay on the floor on your back. Try to keep your shoulders on the floor and the cross a leg over the other and rotate your low back to one side, and rotate the head the opposite way. Hold this stretch for about 3 breaths and repeat the process for 10.

*The goal here is to stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints. Over time this will help improve flexibility and strength, helping to decrease fatigue through the day. If you have lower back pain while doing this modify it to be pain free or skip it.