Day 23: Foot Massage- Golf Ball

A surprise change to end out the week. Today we move to the foot. Some people experience some ache in their feet after sitting for long periods of time or after waking in the morning. This is typically referred to as plantar fasciitis.

The golf ball is very good at allowing us to hold firm pressure in more localized areas or lines of discomfort. Using this we can work on those bands of irritated tissues by rolling over the structures from front to back. Massage with a golf ball is effective at loosening up those stubborn tissues and getting them to start moving again.

Place the ball on the floor in front of you and lightly place the foot on top of it. Move through he area slowly and pay attention to those problem areas, concentrating on those spots. Do this along your main problem areas or the whole region. Perform 2 sets of these for about 30 seconds each. For the first day you may only do 1 set if it is really painful. If you notice the next day you are sore or tender on the skin, skip that day and wait 24 hrs, you may have done too much at once.

*Less is more with this self-treatment. If you do too much too often you increase the chances of causing bruising or damage to the tissues. Slow and steady wins this race.

*Persistent foot or calf pain could be a serious problem. If you feel you have a serious issue that needs help please contact your primary care physician immediately.