Day 16: Low Back-The Glute Bridge

Happy Wednesday! We are continuing our work on the low back by adding an exercise to our routine. This exercise is called the glute bridge. This exercise works the core muscles of the trunk and pelvis, especially the gluteal muscles. These core and gluteal muscles help us maintain an erect position while sitting or standing. These muscles typically get stretched, tight and weak as our poor posture puts us in a slumped over, forward position.

To perform this: Lay on the floor on your back with the knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Slowly Raise your hips off of the floor until you form as straight of a line as possible from the knees through the hips and to the shoulders. Hold this position for 2 breaths. Repeat the process for 2 sets of 10.

*The goal here is to activate the muscles and mobilize the joints. Over time this will help improve flexibility and strength, helping to decrease fatigue through the day. If you have pain while doing this modify it to be pain free or skip it.