Day 18: Low Back-The Hip Flexor Stretch

We're going to finish out this week with another stretch. This time we are going to loosen up the front side of the hip. These muscle collectively are the hip flexors. The attachments of these muscles range from the anterior part of the lumbar spine, the pelvis and the femur.

When this muscle group and its connective tissue becomes tight it pulls the lumbar spine and pelvis forward. When this happens it changes the way in which the lumbar spine is oriented. In effect, the lumbar spine changes from having a nice subtle curve to a more exaggerated curve . This may cause the muscles of the low back to become tight as well as they try to counteract this tension.

To perform this: Start on all fours on the floor. Straighten your body and bring one foot forward, balancing on the opposite knee (use a support if needed). Lean forward on the thigh that is down and rotate the trunk towards the side with the elevated knee. Hold this position for 2 breaths. Repeat the process for 2 sets of 10.

*The goal here is to stretch the muscles and mobilize the joints. Over time this will help improve flexibility and strength, helping to decrease fatigue through the day. If you have pain while doing this modify it to be pain free or skip it.