Working At Home

Taking Breaks at Work

Breaks at Work

While we are legally allowed to take breaks at work, many of us probably feel guilty taking more than our legally allotted 30-minute lunch and two 15 minute breaks. Many workplaces frown on taking more breaks than these. The upper management likely thinks that more breaks equal less productivity, when in fact, studies are showing …

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How to Avoid Back Pain While Sitting in the Office

How to Avoid Back Pain While Sitting in the Office

Sitting in an office chair for eight-plus hours a day isn’t the easiest on your back. Sitting in an office chair for long periods can even cause lower back pain, or worse, exacerbate an existing back issue. Sitting, in general, tends to lead to a static, or still, posture that is out of alignment. This …

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Day 28: Tricep Stretch

Tricep Stretch

The tricep muscle is located on the back side of the arm and works to extend or straighten the elbow joint. It is typically described as one muscle unit with three different heads, long, lateral and medial. In everyday activity we need this muscle to maintain the balancing act with the biceps muscle on the …

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Day 27: Piriformis Stretch

Piriformis Stretch

The piriformis is a muscle located deep to the large gluteus maximus muscle. It is charged with helping to stabilize the hip joint as well as lifting and rotating the thigh away from the body. When this muscle has an issue it is likely to cause some serious feeling issues. Severe issues involving the piriformis …

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Day 26: Shoulder Friction Massage

Shoulder Friction Massage

Moving back to the shoulder today we tackle one of the more common sore and tired areas of our upper body, the back of the shoulder. Just like the neck and upper back this area resists a lot of strain in the form of forward flexion, especially since we all have a tendency to round …

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Day 25: Forearm Stretch

Forearm Stretch

Today’s activity is for the forearm. We are going to stretch the front side of the forearm. This compartment is very busy. We use the muscles in this compartment to help us bend the wrist and fingers. The median and ulnar nerves are also mixed in with the muscles of this compartment too. This stretch …

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Day 24: Spine Stretch

Spine Stretch

Today is a stretch day and our focus is on the spine. This is one of my personal favorites to do. It really feels like everything around my spine is relaxing when I do it. The idea here is to move slowly, get into position slowly and go as far as you can comfortably. We …

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Day 23: Foot Massage- Golf Ball

Foot Massage Golf Ball

A surprise change to end out the week. Today we move to the foot. Some people experience some ache in their feet after sitting for long periods of time or after waking in the morning. This is typically referred to as plantar fasciitis. The golf ball is very good at allowing us to hold firm …

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Day 22: Upper Back- Lacrosse Ball

Upper Back Lacross Ball

Back to the lacrosse ball. This thing is really good at working out those stubborn knots or areas that may need more precise attention than the foam roller can get to. The lacrosse ball is very good at allowing us to hold firm pressure in more localized areas of discomfort. Using this we can work …

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Day 21: Upper Back Foam Roller

Upper Back Foam Roller

Today we are going to focus on a new area of the spine. This region, along with the neck, takes quite a beating when we are not keeping proper posture and staying in the same awkward position for several hours at a time. Using the foam roller is one of the simplest things we can …

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