Month: October 2023

Why Conduct Workstation Ergonomics Assessments

Woman Working at Standing Desk

Does your workstation need a makeover? We don’t mean physical appearance. We mean the physical positioning of your work tools in relation to your body. Even gamers care about ergonomics. They often put careful thought into their glowing, LED-lit home office setups – called battle stations by those who love them. The rest of us …

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Fresh and Engaging Fitness Challenge Ideas for the Workplace

Stretching, call center and customer service people with computer in contact us support and crm consulting office. Happy smile, man or motivation black woman ready to help telemarketing communication

Today’s fashions include lots of workout wear, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anyone in it actually works out. Encourage a little more fitness in the workplace to complement that athletic attire with these fresh and effective ideas for fun, easy workplace fitness challenges. Your results could net you better engagement, team cohesion, focus, and creativity. …

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4 Examples of Ergonomic Concerns at Work

Woman Sitting with Back Pain

Your neck. Your back. Your feet and your crackling knees. Many of us only notice our bodies when it stops us. We finally notice pain, strain, or fatigue. Proactive action to accommodate our bodies is the best defense against those problems, especially at work, where repetitive motion can lead to cumulative trauma disorder or musculoskeletal …

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Cumulative Trauma Disorder vs MSD in the Workplace

Bad Wrist Pain after Working Hard

The proverbial kingdom was lost for want of a nail, but imagine your good physical health lost for a click. Make that thousands of tiny clicks on your computer mouse at work. Your kingdom lost for poor ergonomic setup. The effects of repetitive motion injuries contribute to painful chronic conditions. They also lead to lost …

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Why Nutrition Education is Important in the Workplace

Happy freelance worker listening music while having lunch break at corporate office.

The numbers do not lie. Health insurance companies know that workplace nutrition education nets fewer expenditures per member. When members are healthier overall, they make fewer trips to the doctor and fewer visits to the ER. That’s why you may have noticed a new push for enrollment in health monitoring programs from your medical insurance …

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3 National Nutrition Month Ideas for the Workplace

Woman wearing Glasses Working

It became a meme during the pandemic. In proximity to their own kitchens, many work-from-home employees indulged. Why not cook a five-course meal for lunch? For National Nutrition Month, we encourage you to make your workplace part of your reliably nutritious snacks and meals in a more sustainable way. Because not every meal can start …

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How Does Nutrition Affect the Mental Health of Employees?

Healthy Lunch in the Office

Maintaining good mental health is crucial for any employee’s well-being in the workplace, and nutrition is imperative in achieving this. According to Forbes, the workplace can be a significant obstacle to intentional eating due to stress and unpredictable schedules. However, what employees eat affects their physical health, cognitive functioning, mood regulation, and productivity. As a …

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Ergonomics and Workplace Stress: Their Link & How To Manage

Business woman having headache at office

Just as much as accountants, astronauts need good workplace ergonomics. Truly a topic that touches every industry, ergonomics can throttle fatigue and improve productivity. Ergonomics makes work more efficient by lessening discomfort and pain. It applies to shop clerks and computer programmers as much as firefighters and singers, all of whom have the potential to …

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How Does Obesity Affect the Workplace?

Choosing between healthy and unhealthy foods

Obesity has become a significant factor in workplace issues such as illness, absenteeism, and health costs. The World Health Organization defines obesity as excessive fat accumulation that presents a health risk, and according to the Institute for Health Metrics, 66% of American adults are considered obese. With this in mind, employees with obesity also have …

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How to Prevent MSD in the Workplace

Asian Business Woman Stretching

MSD in the workplace is one of the most common injuries that occur across various occupations, and they are the same ones that are not easily spotted. MSD is short for Musculoskeletal Disorder, which occurs in the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal discs. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are …

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