Month: October 2022

How To Relieve Neck Tension Quickly and Effectively

neck massage

If your neck is hurting you, it’s reasonable to want to find relief and find it quickly. Globally, neck pain is a very common condition, impacting almost five percent of the population. It is also a cause of disability, with numbers increasing to 33.6 million disability cases in 2010. There are many scientifically-backed treatments for …

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Tension Neck Syndrome: Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

neck strain

You’re likely quite familiar with neck and shoulder pain. It may even be so constant that you don’t even think about it regularly unless it flares up. Or perhaps you’re always in pain; it’s more common than you might think. So, what is tension neck syndrome? You might not have realized there’s a name for …

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Arthritis Treatment and Management: How to Get Relief

shoulder excercise1

Find relief for your arthritis with a variety of natural and home remedies. There are many scientifically-backed treatments for arthritis, which we’ll take a closer look at in this article. We’ll examine arthritis treatments such as physical therapy, self-treatments like stretching, and natural remedies like Epsom salts, supplements, and acupuncture. Treatment for arthritis doesn’t need …

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