Month: July 2022

How to Find the Cause of Lower Back Pain

Functionally Optimized Massage vs. Physical Therapy for Workers

Finding the cause of lower back pain and ways to treat it is high on the to-do list for many people these days. And, even if you don’t have low back pain right now, an estimated 70% of adults living in industrialized nations will experience it at some point. Adults in developing countries are starting …

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Tips for Enhancing Ergonomics in the Workplace

Dedicated Registered Nurse in Virginia

The loose definition of ergonomics is “the study of working people.” Ergonomics is a broad term that has applications in any workplace. Most often, the goal of ergonomic study is to discover how employees can work with safety in mind, e.g., to prevent injuries caused by work. Ergonomics is also loosely used to describe the …

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