Month: June 2022

The Importance of Self-Treatment

Patented Computer-Aided Mobility Health Assessment in West Virginia

Self-treatment is an empowering approach to health care. You are the foremost expert on your body, and while doctors and nurses are trained professionals, they do not know what is going on in your body as well as you do. When to seek medical attention and when to try to go it on your own is …

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Symptom Check: How to Use a Symptom Checker

Telehealth Trends to Expect in 2022

If you’re reading this article, chances are you have some areas of physical discomfort that you’d like to resolve. You are the most important ingredient in the recipe for healing. The fact that you’re here, researching practical steps to help alleviate physical symptoms, is worthy of congratulations. And, you’re in the right place. Here at …

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Self-Treatment: What is it and How Does it Work?

self medication

Self-treatment is the process where you help yourself in some way when dealing with a physical ailment. Another term for self-treatment is self-medication. You do this any time you take over-the-counter medication or treatment. While there is a spectrum of healthy and unhealthy self-treatment, for many people, self-treatment is their only or best option. And, …

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Stress Relief Tips and Exercises at Work for Better Mental Health

Are you feeling stressed at work? You’re not alone if your answer is yes. Workplace stress affects many people, leading to an increased need for stress relief at work. Many people are wondering how to reduce stress at work. Stress can negatively affect your emotional and physical health, which can impact your performance at work. …

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Top Ways to Improve Mental Health Awareness in the Workplace

With as many as one in five American adults living with a mental health disorder and the ravages of the pandemic on everyone’s mental health, the need for mental health awareness in the workplace is at an all-time high. Awareness can increase personal recognition if someone is struggling with their mental health, and it can …

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