Month: May 2020

Day 18: Low Back-The Hip Flexor Stretch

We’re going to finish out this week with another stretch. This time we are going to loosen up the front side of the hip. These muscle collectively are the hip flexors. The attachments of these muscles range from the anterior part of the lumbar spine, the pelvis and the femur. When this muscle group and …

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Day 17: Low Back-The Hamstring Stretch

Today is a stretch day and our focus is on the hamstring muscle group. These are the big muscles on the back of your thigh. They actually attach to the ischial tuberosity which is on the ischium and is a bone of the pelvis. Why are we working this muscle for the low back? When …

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Day 16: Low Back-The Glute Bridge

Happy Wednesday! We are continuing our work on the low back by adding an exercise to our routine. This exercise is called the glute bridge. This exercise works the core muscles of the trunk and pelvis, especially the gluteal muscles. These core and gluteal muscles help us maintain an erect position while sitting or standing. …

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Day 15: Low Back-The Superman

We are going to continue today with an exercise that will work the whole extensor (back) muscle group of the spine and the gluteal region. These spinal and gluteal muscles help us maintain an erect position while sitting or standing. These muscles typically get stretched, tight and weak as our poor posture puts us in …

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Day 14: Low Back-The Cat-Cow

New week, new body region. For the next several posts we are going to focus on the low back. Low back pain is one of the most common complaints people have and it can affect anyone. You don’t have to lift things to have low back trouble. Having abnormal posture can be enough to set …

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Day 13: Scapula- Wall Push Up

Scapula Wall Push Up

Today is exercise day. No easy day to finish out the week. We have been working on the sides of the neck and down to the shoulder this week, focusing on pulling those shoulders back to decrease risk for compression injury and to help fight postural alteration. The next thing to do is to exercise …

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