Workforce & Employee Health Solutions

Dedicated Registered Nurse

BHS nurses are certified in our proprietary hands-on soft tissue healthcare system trusted by professional athletes and use our patented software to resolve employee issues onsite.

Functionally Optimized Massage

Evidence-based and technology-enabled hands-on treatment system trusted by professional athletes and Fortune 500 companies.

Patented Computer-Aided Mobility Health Assessment

Patented portable digital mobility health assessment to identify and prevent injuries. THE WORLD’S FIRST DIAGNOSTIC TEST FOR MOBILITY HEALTH.


Easy to implement best practices and assessment tools for any work environment without the need for expensive equipment.

Mobility Health Self-Assessment

Online guided mobility health assessment to proactively identify range of motion dysfunctions and potential injury risks.

Self Treatment System

The only self-treatment, clinical quality system in the world developed based on the industry’s most effective provider-applied care models.


Online visit to resolve pain, avoid surgeries and other costly onsite care.

Onsite First-Aid

Registered nurses provide immediate response for injuries and minor health issues.

Infectious Disease Control

Best-in-class program to assure worker safety against infectious diseases to include COVID-19, influenza, and common colds.

Case Management

Collaboration and coordination of care assures the best possible health outcome for your employees.

Nutrition and Fitness

Customized nutrition and activity plans to meet your employees’ health needs and personal goals.

Health Fairs

Create and host health fairs that make a difference to your employees and their productivity.

Wellness Challenges

A fun and engaging way to positively impact employee health and workplace morale.