BHS Nurses

Why BHS Nurses are Better

We select only the top nurses in the country to complete our rigorous training and certifications proven to deliver the most comprehensive OSHA compliant health assurance programs to employers. Unlike our competition, BHS nurses are our employees and not 1099 contractors.

Capability/Scope of Practice
  • Certified Hands-on Soft Tissue Healthcare Provider
  • Certified OSHA Compliance Specialist
  • Certified in Patented Mobility Health Screening System
  • Certified Ergonomics Specialist
  • Certified Telehealth Provider
  • Certified Case Management Specialist
  • Medical Triage Provider
  • Certified Infectious Disease Prevention
  • Certified First Aid Provider
  • Certified CPR and AED Provider
  • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
  • Health Fair Planning Specialist
BHS Nurses
Soft Tissue
Health Providers
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Health Providers
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BHS is Infinitely Scalable​

and we can be anywhere your employees are from rural locations to cities. ​ – there are 3.8 Million nurses in the United States composing the largest profession of the healthcare workforce.

American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)​

Most Trusted Profession

Gallup reports nursing as the most trusted profession for the 17th year running. 

dedicated registered nurses

BHS Nurses Deliver More Value​

American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN)​

Nurses provide 3 times more healthcare than all other healthcare providers combined due to their numbers and extensive scope of practice.


of nurses are required to complete an accredited academic program, hospital-based clinicals, and pass a national certification board exam and hands-on skills tests.


Nurses are Critical Thinkers

National Institutes of Health National Library of Medicine ​

Critical thinking is an essential process for the safe, efficient and skillful nursing practice.

Nurses are Team Players

Teamwork is a core competency of registered nurses and BHS will quickly be integrated into your business processes.


The Benefits of an Onsite BHS Registered Nurse​

Make Employees More Productive

by treating pain and injuries onsite. ​ -$297 billion in lost productivity from MSDs every year = $2,397 per U.S. employee. U.S.

Bureau of Labor Statistics


Convenience Translates Into Productivity

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics​

by preventing over 50% of the doctor's office visits for pain caused by MSDs – ​ 35% of all outpatient visits are for MSDs = 558 million per year = 1.1 billion hours away from work.

Be There For Employees​

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics ; U.S. National Safety Council​

by immediately triaging issues to assure the best care. ​ – There are 2.5 million non-fatal injuries/illnesses to U.S. employees annually resulting in 103 million lost days of work (pre-COVID-19).


Same Care Professional Athletes Trust

Our nurses are certified in the same evidence-based and technology-enabled hands-on treatment system trusted by professional athletes since 1991.​

Improve Employee Quality of Life

U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC)

It is not just injuries; your employees are already in pain – At any time, 54% of working-age Americans suffer from musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).


Take Inconvenience out of the Equation for Employees​

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

63% of workplace injuries/illnesses are not treated by medical professionals, thus increasing the risk of further harm.

Effectively Resolve Most ​ Back Pain Onsite

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration​

Back surgery is the most common surgery and accounts for 264 million lost workdays and $50 billion in medical costs every year.


Prevent Most​ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Issues

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration​

The second most common surgery and affects 8 million employees costing employers $7.4 billion in workers compensation costs every year.

Healthier Bottom Line Through Onsite Screening and Treatment

U.S. National Safety Council​

Prevent workplace injuries from costing you – ​ $171 billion direct costs of MSD injuries to employers annually = $1,100 per U.S. employee.


Save Time and Money with Onsite Care​

National Association of Worksite Health Centers​

70% reduction in time lost due to offsite medical appointments.

Completely Prevent Many Workers’ Comp Cases with our Proprietary Hands-on Soft Tissue Healthcare

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration​

$20 billion in workers’ compensation costs for MSDs annually = $33,000 per injury.


Our Case Management Really Works

  • 366% more lost time from work without case management. National Library of Medicine 
  • 73% decrease in frequency of lost time and medical claims rate with case management. National Library of Medicine 
  • 77% Reduction in workers’ compensation costs as a result of case management programsNational Library of Medicine 
  • 44% Lower medical costs for employees with case management. National Library of Medicine 

Poor Nutrition is a Silent Killer of Profitability​

  • $1.1 trillion in lost productivity associated with poor nutrition and obesityThe Milken Institute
  • 75% of corporate healthcare expenses are spent on chronic diseases, mostly diet-relatedCenter for Disease Control
  • Eating unhealthily is linked to a 66 percent increased risk of loss of productivity. Perspectives in Public Health Journal – Brigham Young University

BHS Nurses Know Nutrition​

  • 99% of US employers have fewer than 500 employees and lack the expertise and resources to develop effective physical activity and other nutrition programs. Corporate Wellness Magazine 
  • 66% of employers with programs reported increased productivity. International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
  • 89% of workers at companies that support well-being efforts are more likely to recommend their company as a good place to work. American Psychological Association
  • 18% of lost workdays can be recaptured with a nutrition program alone. Corporate Wellness Magazine 

Our RNs Have the Coolest Tools​

Patented portable digital mobility health assessment system to identify and prevent injuries. ​


BHS RNs Move Employers from ​ Reactive to Proactive

Screenshot at Dec 23 14-26-31

“The actions you take and the plans you make today (to prevent the spread of diseases) make a difference.” The Center for Disease Control (CDC)​

Create Employee Confidence During COVID-19​

The Forrester Group​

Inaccurate touchless temperature readings and questionnaires are not returning U.S. employees to work safely. Let our nurses assure your safety with proven hospital-grade processes and tools. 41% of U.S. workers are afraid to return to work due to COVID-19.


It is not Just COVID-19​

U.S. Department of Labor​

Infectious disease control is always important to prevent lost workdays and productivity.​ Flu in the workplace costs U.S. employers $2 billion each year = 2.8 days off per employee.

Reduce Exposure Risk

of infectious diseases simply by avoiding going to the doctor's office.​


Be prepared to Prevent Workplace Infections with a BHS Nurse:​

Implement best practices for crisis preparedness​

Priority access to PPE and proven screening technologies

Disease prevention education for employees

Accurate employee temperature monitoring

Symptom triage and safe-to-work protocols

Telehealth consultations for sick employees

Poor Ergonomics is a BIG Problem our Nurses can Fix​

  • 1/3rd of workers’ compensation costs are from ergonomic injuries = $18 billion each year. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • 33% of all lost workdays are a result of poor ergonomics related injuries.  U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Most Ergonomic Programs Fail

The effectiveness of an ergo program is dependent on an individual’s mobility health. Our nurses address the root cause of poor posture and mobility along with environmental intervention.

When we Fix your Ergo Program you can Expect…

  • 3:1 to 15:1 ROI on an ergonomics program = median of $4.41 per $1 spent. North American Staying at Work Report
  • 67% drop in absenteeism from MSDs due to ergonomics related issues. The American Posture Institute 
  • 93% reduction in workers’ compensation costs. The American Posture Institute
  • 54% increase in productivityThe American Posture Institute 
  • 94% reduction in employee turnover resulted from ergonomics program. The American Posture Institute

The Problem of Low Activity (fitness) is Huge​

  • $480 billion in annual healthcare costs associated with low levels of physical activity. Center for Disease Control (CDC) 
  • 70-90% of healthcare spending is caused by problems associated with unhealthy lifestyle choices (diet and fitness) that can lead to chronic diseases. Corporate Wellness Magazine 
  • 80% of American adults do not get the recommended level of physical activity. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 

BHS Corporate Wellness Challenges and Individual Fitness Plans Lead to

  • 66% of employers with programs reported increased productivity. International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans
  • 53% of employees would participate in an exercise program through their workplace. Aflac Insurance 
  • 70% of employees that participate in programs report higher job satisfaction. Corporate Wellness Magazine
  • 91% of workers at companies led by leaders that support well-being efforts say they feel motivated to do their best at their jobs. American Psychological Association

BHS Sponsored Health Fairs​

are a great way to launch new wellness initiatives, share health education information, conduct preventive screenings, immunizations, raise awareness of health risks, demonstrate healthy habits and promote organizational benefits and community resources.

A lot to love… A little to spend​

Our highly trained and caring registered nurses are ready to make a huge positive impact on your organization, starting Monday.​


Make your workplace the solution.