Unlock Your "Limitless" Potential

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By Measuring & Optimizing All Of These:

Brain Function

Athletic Performance
Sleep Hygiene
Metabolic Function
Nutrition & Supplements
Psychological Strength

Get the BEST Solutions

We have partnered with the WORLD’S BEST scientists, labs and technology providers and created simple solutions to achieving your BEST quality of life.

Our Approach

Personalized to your biology, DNA, lifestyle and budget.

Targeted Focus

  1. We will capture your health history and goals.
  2. We will design a program to target health concerns and removing any obstacles quickly.
  3. We will give you options to fit your lifestyle and budget.

Testing & Measurements

  1. We will measure what you want to improve.
  2. We have the most comprehensive testing available.
  3. Testing is vital to your success and assures you eat & work smarter.

Realtime Data

  1. We have validated the best biometric devices.
  2. We show you how to use your devices and the valuable data they provide.
  3. We use your data to measure your improvement and evolve your program.

Step 1:

Initial Evaluation

  • Our baseline assessment is concise and allow us to understand your health and goals.
  • We will identify your resolve and motivation to improve.
  • We help identify and, if necessary, manufacture intrinsic and extrinsic motivators.
  • This is your first and vital step to Limitless potential and will forever memorialize the beginning of your journey.

Step 2:

Genetic (DNA) Predisposition

Your DNA holds the keys to understanding what most still perceive as health and performance mysteries.

Learn how your body…

  • Processes carbs.
  • Processes fats.
  • Utilizes protein.
  • Reacts to cardio and strength exercise.
  • Pain tolerance & CBD response.
  • Alcohol tolerance.
  • Addictive behavior tendencies.
  • Metabolizes essential vitamins and nutrients.
  • Sleep patterns & needs.
  • And many more…

Our DNA testing is private and secure (protected by HIPAA).


Step 3:

72-Biomarker Blood Test

This is where we are MUCH BETTER than any of our competition – we feed this data into our partner’s AI system that has been validated by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

The AI System does what no human can – taking your lab results, health history, current medications, and diagnoses to safely optimize your supplementation and hormones.

We take a comprehensive look at:

  • Organ function (kidneys, liver, thyroid, heart);
  • Inflammatory markers and cardiac risks.
  • Insulin & glucose.
  • Adrenal function.
  • Essential nutrients (vit D, calcium, iron, etc.); hormone balance; and many more…

We take quarterly follow-up tests to evolve your supplementation program and monitor your organ and hormone functions.

Additional Support:

Food Sensitivities

Measure your body’s inflammation response to 240 common foods.

Understand what nourishes your body and what insults your body causing an immune response.

  • Feed your body’s health and fuel your success with this essential knowledge.
  • Limit ONLY those foods YOUR body dislikes and stop the madness of elimination dieting.
  • We can measure all 3 antibodies: IgG, IgA, and IgG4.
  • A food sensitivity usually goes unnoticed, because reactivity is not as severe as an allergy.

Additional Support:

Allergy Testing

An allergy can hold you back and we can help you find out exactly what is causing it to manage it best.

We have the most comprehensive, most accurate, and least invasive allergy testing available for:

  • Environmental pollutants.
  • Organic acids.
  • Inhalants & aeroallergens.
  • Food allergies.
  • Celiac.
  • Mycotoxins (fungus & molds).

Proactively testing for allergies can help prevent injury and illness from prolonged exposure.

Additional Support:

Wearables & Biometric Devices - Whoop®

Clinically Validated (RELIABLE) Real-Time Data made USEFUL.

The ONLY CLINICALLY VALIDATED wearable device for:

  • Improving overall health.
  • Sleep hygiene & performance.
  • Restorative exercise.
  • Activity optimization.
  • Health journaling.
  • Variable tracking.
  • Athletic performance improvement.
  • Trusted by professional & Olympic athletes.
  • Impact of diet on rest.
  • Intermittent fasting aide.

We teach you how to use the device and application and make the complex data simple and useful.

Additional Support:


Hacking your metabolism is now possible with this breakthrough handheld C02 sensor.

Understand what your body is using for fuel (fat or carbs) and use this information to meet your goals – FAST.

  • Lose weight.
  • Gain muscle.
  • Improve body composition.
  • Improve energy levels.
  • No more restrictive dieting.
  • Intermittent fasting made easy without guessing.
  • Ketosis made simple.

We teach you how to use the device and application and make the complex data simple and useful.

Medical-Grade Supplements:

Pure Encapsulations ®

The most trusted name in supplements and the only manufacturer trusted by doctors everywhere:

  • Our formulary of over 400 supplements is extensive, and every program is designed to your individual biology based on testing.
  • Our competition that makes their own supplements are inferior and their claims otherwise are unsupported.

We have verified the third parties that inspect our supplements for quality and safety of ingredients and manufacturing processes therefore overcoming the risk of an unregulated industry.


Additional Support:

Millennium Health®

Brain Fuel that Works – nootropics fuel and liposomals address performance inhibiting inflammation.

Technology built on the research.

  • Fuel your brain.
  • High quality nutrients, nootropics, and amino acids to help nourish neurotransmitters, synapses, and processes.
  • Protect your brain.
  • From neurotoxins, neuro-degeneration, inflammation from illness, and injury.
  • Stimulate your brain.
  • Energize neurotransmitters to keep you alert, focused, and perform at your highest level.
  • Rejuvenate and regenerate your brain.
  • Combat brain inflammation with liposomal technology specially designed to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Pharmaceutical Grade Cell Therapies:

Regenerative Mesenchymal Stem Cell Infusion Therapies

Leaders in the utilization of human placental Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) derived Exosomes.

  • Regenerative stem cell therapies.
  • Growth factors.
  • Anti inflammatory factors.
  • We partner with the leading, U.S.-based, exosome biotechnology laboratory specializing in the production of perinatal mesenchymal stem cell-derived (MSC) exosome products for cosmetic use and scientific and clinical research.

The Solution to Unlocking "Limitless" Potential

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Build Psychological Strength

Mental Wellbeing Can Be Trained and Discipline Achieved at Any Age by Anyone.

We guide you through a process to build a strong mental foundation that helps decrease stress, anxiety and your personal error patterns as you face the challenges of life. 

In partnership with best selling author and recognized world leader in safety, Dr. Tony Kern.

  • Reduce errors in your professional and personal life.
  • Have better relationships.
  • Create discipline to achieve more than ever.
  • Feel confident.
  • Navigate difficult circumstances.
  • Help others be better too.

Optimize Brain Function

The best clinically validated science in the world supported by leading technology and led by elite healthcare providers.

Level 1:

Our brains lose function naturally through aging, illness, and trauma. Get rid of brain fog and recover your focus and mental clarity by addressing the root cause (inflammation in the brain).

Level 2:

With our extensive lab testing, we develop a supplementation plan for you to balance and improve your overall health.

Level 3:

Take a deeper dive and repair damaged neuropathways (nerve pathways) in the brain with nanocell IV therapies to further restore brain function.



Resolve Pain & Improve Musculoskeletal Health

We Are Patent Holders in Musculoskeletal Health Devices and Global Experts.

Musculoskeletal pain like headaches, neck and back pain, plantar fasciitis etc. can be debilitating if not resolved.

We are recognized leaders in resolving the root causes of pain through the least invasive, least expensive, and most effective treatments available anywhere.

If you have had surgery, considering surgery, have a new injury, or have just gotten used to chronic pain from an old injury…we can help.

  • Patented 3D Mobility Health Screening System.
  • Patented RF Medical Devices.
  • Hands-on conservative care trusted by professional and elite athletes.
  • Proprietary treatment protocols and the latest technology and modalities to assure the best results – ALMOST ALWAYS AVOIDING SURGERIES.
  • Don’t let MSK injuries and pain stop you.

Achieve Your “LIMITLESS” Potential with Expert Guidance

Like a performance vehicle, you could buy all the parts of our programs somewhere else.  We have put together something that is very complex and made it simple for you to succeed. 

We will guide you every step of the way and will always be there to provide you our supplements and devices at discounts we have negotiated for you.

* Ask us about our scientific process to identify your lifestyle control variables – if it is observable and repeatable, it is controllable.

Improve Overall Health

Restore Mental Focus

Maximize Energy Levels