Our Purpose

To deliver the world’s best health and wellness solutions to employees anywhere they are.

We embrace the power of awareness and will of the individual to optimize entire organizations.

our-leaders-bg Brent Kruel
Chief Executive Officer
“We are radically passionate about improving the quality of life of American employees leading to a better tomorrow for them and their employers.”
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Our story started in 2007 with…

one Fortune 500 manufacturing company.
They cared so much for their employees, they hired the physician from a professional baseball team to keep them productive and pain free at work and home.
They are still a national BHS customer…

Today we are leaders in health and wellness…

We coined the term “health assurance” as innovators that discovered and combined the best ingredients of corporate wellness, occupational health, soft tissue healthcare, and screening / prevention tools for employee health.
Then we used technology to tie it all together to deliver a measurable impact for U.S. companies.

We are creating value through your most valuable resource

The goodwill and loyalty created with leading employee benefit programs is paid in exponential dividends through productivity and retention.

What we believe

Our values shape our culture and drive our behaviors.
They were forged within BHS leaders from an average 20+ years in service to country and patients worldwide.

Core Values

We are veteran owned with a foundation of
integrity first and service before self.


Acting with integrity will always be the right thing to do.
We are passionate, honest and ethical.

Mutual Respect

The “Golden Rule”” has never been more important. The keystone of our success is treating EVERYONE with dignity and respect.

The WOW Factor

We deliver unapparelled customer service and care that is often referred to as MIRACULOUS.

How We Work With Employers

Your uniqueness is your competitive advantage.
We seek first to understand you before offering any solution.

The BHS Approach

We are culture experts



Every company is a little different.  We will help you save time and money through our proprietary discovery methodology to quickly identify gaps in your current health and wellness programs and determine where we can make the most impact on your organization.



We partner with you to customize your health assurance program, identify key stakeholders, and determine key performance indicators (KPIs), and governance processes to measure success.



We partner with you to customize your health assurance program, identify key stakeholders, and determine key performance indicators (KPIs), and governance processes to measure success.



Our programs leverage the latest technology and innovations in healthcare.  A critical success factor is our ability to drive adoption and satisfaction through our professionally designed education and training



We actively stay in touch with key stakeholders through quarterly program reviews while always available to employees to assure that you get the most from your health assurance program.

The post-digital age is accelerating, and we are keeping up.

Technology is the backbone of modern innovation and we stay on the bleeding edge.
We meet our customers where they are in adopting technology and ready with solutions to push any envelope to get results.


We are thought leaders to our core and our offerings continue to evolve.
Being our customer means you have access to the latest and best.

Tailored Solutions

No two customers are identical, so we have developed our technology-enabled solutions to be flexible.

Evidence-based Best Practice

We leverage hospital-grade protocols coupled with our proprietary process and tools to deliver measurable outcomes-focused solutions.

Higher Standards

Only the best registered nurses make it through our rigorous screening and training to assure the highest quality of service.

Value-based Pricing

Competitive pricing is an understatement, and our competition does not come close in price or value.

Our world-class solutions are better...

We have revolutionized traditional occupational health by leveraging the latest technology and adding soft tissue healthcare trusted by professional athletes.

  • Hands-On Soft Tissue Healthcare
  • Onsite Provider
  • Patented Mobility Screening System
  • Online Symptom Checker
  • Self-treatment Correctives
  • Remote Employee Program
  • Onsite First-Aid
  • Medical Triage
  • TeleHealth Virtual Clinic
  • Ergonomics Program (remote & onsite)
  • OSHA Compliant
  • Infectious Disease Control
  • Case Management
  • Nutrition and Wellness Program
  • Health Fair Program
  • New Hire Screening
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Our nurses are the best...

We only select the top nurses to complete our rigorous training and certifications proven to deliver the most comprehensive, OSHA compliant health assurance programs to employers.

  • Certified Hands-on Soft Tissue Healthcare Provider
  • Certified OSHA Compliance Specialist
  • Certified in Patented Mobility Health Screening System
  • Certified Ergonomics Specialist
  • Certified Telehealth Provider
  • Certified Case Management Specialist
  • Medical Triage Provider
  • Certified Infectious Disease Prevention
  • Certified First Aid Provider
  • Certified CPR and AED Provider
  • Certified Nutrition and Wellness Specialist
  • Health Fair Planning Specialist
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Most Admired Companies to Watch in 2022

BioFunctional Health Solutions was started in 2007 with one purpose and focus, to bring the same care that professional athletes trust us with to be competitive to American employees to keep them productive. Simply put, the company resolves the root causes of pain without surgery, medication, or lengthy physical therapy.

Most Admired Companies to Watch in 2022

10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2021


“Revolutionizing Employee Wellness Programs”
Employees are the most vital assets of any organization. Teams of talented and dedicated employees are what leads companies to success. In the journey, it is not only important to sustain the employees of the company, but also support them in ways that help them grow and flourish. This can be achieved by creating a good working environment and taking care of the team—both mentally and physically.

10 Best Healthcare Companies to Watch in 2021


50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year


BioFunctional Health Solutions (BHS) has been innovating throughout these tough times to assure that employees everywhere are able to confidently return to a safe workplace certified by hospital-grade infectious disease control protocols. And also caring for those who are not able to return to work through online telehealth solutions. Why? Because being the major drivers of our economy – they deserve it. While BHS has helped Fortune 500 clients with health assurance, They now place special emphasis on catering to small businesses.

50 Fastest Growing Companies of the Year


10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2020

10 Best Entrepreneurs

“Taking Care of Employee Health”
Brent Kruel, CEO at BioFunctional Health Solutions is spearheading innovation to more effectively screen for and treat musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and put the power of self-healing into the hands of employees in the workplace. MSDs include more than 150 diagnoses of injuries and disorders that affect the human body’s movement resulting in pain, restricted mobility, and reduced strength. Common MSDs include back/neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, and other general pains/strains.

10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2020

10 Best Entrepreneurs

50 Smartest Companies of 2020

Silicon Review

Understanding the “New Normal” in workplace health-BioFunctional Health Solutions is set to address the needs of employees with its innovative healthcare offerings.

As post-COVID-19 shifts both company health and safety and employee health continue to evolve, employers are scrambling to identify how best to address the needs of their employees in both workplace and work-from-home environments.

Silicon Review

50 Smartest Companies of 2020

Our Leadership

Our executive team brings an average of over 20 years in healthcare experience in over 12 countries.

Brent Kruel, MHA

Brent Kruel, MHA

Chief Executive Officer

Brent is the CEO of BHS global operations since 2018.  Through his leadership BHS has revolutionized corporate wellness to point of needing a new term to define us, “health assurance”.  As CEO Brent leads our strategic vision and continues to work directly with our customers to assure that our offerings are the most innovative and complete available.  Brent is a…More

healthcare executive with over twenty years experience in a variety of settings to include hospitals, military healthcare, healthcare insurance, software, professional services and consulting.  He is well traveled having been to over 30 countries on six continents to include doing work in Europe and China.

Prior to joining BHS, Brent has held a variety of corporate leadership roles as well as started a software company.  Brent served 14 years active duty in the Air Force and is a two-time combat veteran.  In his last combat tour Brent was the hospital administrator in charge of the largest military hospital in Iraq in 2004. He also served as a Physician Group Practice Manager, Director of Supply and Logistics, and Chief Information Officer of the largest Veterans Affairs and military hospital joint venture located in Las Vegas, NV.

He received recognition as “10 Best Entrepreneurs of 2020” and “50 Smartest Companies of the Year 2020” for his work on improving employee productivity and helping companies return to working safely during a pandemic.

Outside of BHS, Brent is an active volunteer in is community as a Committee Chair of the Cubs Scouts of America and delivers meals for Meals on Wheels.  He has been a community servant his entire life being active with Special Olympics, Big Brothers and Big Sisters of America, American Red Cross, and a Sunday school teacher to K-5 students.  He is also an avid outdoorsman and mountain climber, having scaled many 14,000 foot plus mountains.

Brent is a distinguished graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and received a Master of Healthcare Administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  He is a member of the Delta Omega and Alpha Epsilon honors societies.


Bradley D. Vilims, MD, DABPM

Medical Director and Chief Innovation Officer

Dr. Vilims is the medical director and BHS’ most senior innovation officer, driving the company’s success in its corporate wellness programs, employee purchase programs, and its newest line of business with direct consumer offerings. More

Dr. Vilims is a board certified Anesthesiologist and a Diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine. He completed a twelve-month Fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine (IPM) at the Bowman Gray School of Medicine. Dr. Vilims specializes in diagnostic and therapeutic spinal injections and advanced interventions with over 27 years of experience, and holds numerous patents in the fields of regenerative medicine, neuromodulation, and RF thermal coagulation, with products marketed worldwide. Dr. Vilims has been practicing in Colorado since 2000 and is the CEO and President of MSK Health Innovations, and Colorado Pain Specialists.

Boards & Membership Affiliations

Dr. Vilims has served on many advisory and quality assurance committees and boards such as the Occupational Medicine Advisory Board of the Colorado Medical Society, Sloan’s Lake Quality Assurance Committee and he served as the IPM Advisor for Pinnacol Assurance. Dr. Vilims is the Past President of the Colorado Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and is a member of the Colorado Pain Society, American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), North American Spine Society (NASS), The American Board of Pain Medicine, and the American Society of Interventional Pain Physicians (ASIPP). Dr. Vilims is a member of, and master instructor/speaker for, The Spine Intervention Society, and has been a featured speaker/instructor for ISIS Munich Germany, the British Pain Society, and NASS Dubai, United Arab Emirates “Spine Masters.”

Robin Kruel, RN

Robin Kruel, RN

Vice President, Wellness Solutions


Robin is our Vice President of Wellness Programs since 2019.  Through her contributions BHS has been able to revolutionize corporate occupational health with the incorporation of online tools and our proprietary hands-on treatment systems. Robin is a…More

registered nurse (RN) with over twenty-five years experience in a variety of settings to include nurse trainer, clinical nurse manager, orthopedics nurse, holistic practice, home healthcare, as well as hospital med/surg, oncology, and neonatal ICU units.  Robin has very valuable experience in case management and HEDIS quality review from a payer perspective.

Outside of BHS, Robin is an active volunteer in the community as a Committee Member of the Cubs Scouts of America and delivers meals for Meals on Wheels.  Robin is a worship leader, wife, and mother of two.  Robin does a lot of mountain hiking and camping with her family.

Robin completed her degree in nursing at Southern University in Collegedale, Tennessee.

Join Us

At the heart of every breakthrough are great people…
What sets you apart is what makes BHS special.
We are committed to making an impact with fresh ideas and a servant’s mentality.

What we do

We started with doing the “impossible” by resolving musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that cause pain without surgery, medications, lengthy physical therapy.

Now we are the elite provider of a full spectrum of health assurance programs for U.S. companies.

Our impact

We want to change the world by improving the quality of life of one employee at a time. What we do to resolve pain is not new, but the way that we do it is. We are innovators in prevention and screening technology to catch issues before they can become more severe.

If you are the kind of person that is fulfilled by knowing that you are helping others, then you are likely a good fit for the BHS culture.

An Exceptional Career with a Purpose

If you are looking to be challenged and feel valued every day, then please contact us with your interest.

We are always looking for new members of our team in the following career areas:

Registered Nurses
Our nurses love working for us, because they get to make an immediate difference in so many lives through soft-tissue healthcare. Our nurses must have a current license to practice and a passion for healing and preventative health.
Client Relationship Managers
Our systems collect the data and do some of the heavy lifting for us, but there is no automating the vital relationship between BHS and our customers. Our client relationship managers are passionate about health and wellness and know how to deliver a WOWING customer experience.
Sales & Marketing Professionals
sales and marketing professionals
We recently decided to focus our marketing efforts on reaching small businesses with our best-in-class offerings.  Well, there are A LOT of small businesses and we plan to talk to all of them and need a lot of help.
Healthcare IT Professionals
First aid icon
We design, develop, and maintain our elite applications that support our business and customers. If you know technology and healthcare and want to work for a company making a difference than join BHS.
Product Development Managers
Product Development Managers
You don’t stay ahead of the curve by sitting still.  There is constant innovation in health and wellness and our product managers assure that we maintain our competitive position having the best available products and services.  Our product managers are creative thinkers that understand the importance of the whole person.
Governing Board Members
Governing Board Members
There are still some limited seats on our board of advisors and directors. We are very discerning to assure that we only select leaders that have the skills and experience to propel BHS’ success for generations to come. If you are passionate about innovation and helping humans please join us.
Operations Specialists
Operations Specialists
Every company needs human resources, finance, accounting, payroll, legal, and many more specialties to successfully keep the proverbial wheels on.  We know that you can work anywhere, but you will not regret working for a company of like-minded, passionate, and compassionate professionals.  Our positive culture is infectious.
Certified Implementation Partners
Certified Implementation Partners
Consultants are a key component to our growth through safety and employee benefits.  If you are a trusted advisor to a potential BHS customer and looking for the best health assurance programs available…you found them.  We have a program for our partners to empower them to get the fullest out of BHS programs and special pricing and incentives.
You cannot own a piece of BHS yet, but there will come a day that it will make sense to expand faster than our MRR will fuel.  We have started a waitlist for those interested in being part of our health assurance REVOLUTION.