Transformational Guided Imagery

tgiTransformational Guided Imagery, also known as TGI, is a revolutionary technology to help transform your neural pathways to change behavior and reduce stress.

According to the American Medical Association stress is the cause of over 80% of all illness and disease, while the National Health Institute sets the figure closer to 90%.  Utilizing advanced brain science and technology NewReality offers a simple yet highly effective way to reduce stress or loose weight or sleep more soundly or even stop smoking. Neuroscience technology coupled with guided imagery allows the listener can lay back, close their eyes and relax their way to better health and improved personal performance.tgi unit

Simply put, Transformational Guided Imagery is the process of forming mental images; it is the primary component of the imagination.

Visualization has long been the primary tool for mind/body support. From a scientific perspective, we know, that because visualization directly impacts the body’s neurological system, it can have a direct influence on us physically.

Try this for an example: Imagine I have just handed you a large, yellow, juice-filled lemon. You slice the lemon into quarters and bring one of the quarters to your mouth and bite into it . . . what happened? Did your mouth begin to pucker? Did it fill with saliva? This is a naturally occurring neurological response to an imagined thought.

Have you ever watched a horror film, and, in the midst of the excitement, found your palms sweating and your heart pounding? You knew it was “just a movie,” right?

If your mind can cause this kind of impact on your body, is there any reason it can’t relax your muscles, overpower nicotine, stimulate your metabolism, or even do away with chronic pain?

We offer TGI sessions to help you succeed in your health and wellness goals.