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Know your Why

What is the key to real weight loss? Well it isn’t the diet you go on. There are many diets out there…many of them good and some of them not so good but they real key to weight loss is having a clear “why” you want to lose weight and attain better health. It is your “why” that is going to bring you through those times when you are tempted to indulge.
Here are a few tips to keep you on track with your “why”

  • Write down your “why” and carry it with you.  Make this a clear statement with a clear vision of what you want to accomplish.  For example:  my “why” for staying on a healthy path is so that I can be a great example for my daughter and my clients.  I am not perfect with my diet 100% of the time and there are times when I can struggle due to stress or temptation just like the rest of you but if I have that clear vision in my head then…for the most part…I make the healthy choices.
  • Create a tool that helps you to keep your vision clear.  For example:  do a vision board or make a powerpoint movie with visions of what you want your life to look like.  I use a necklace that is an angel that contains a beautiful amethyst stone that reminds me of my daughter.  Maybe it is special trinket that you keep in your pocket that you can hold if you need inspiration.  Write on sticky notes and post them everywhere you can…on the mirror, on your computer, on your nightstand so you see it before you go to sleep.  There are many ways of keeping your vision…just find one that works for you.  The more specific you can make your vision, the easier it is to stick to the plan.
  • Finally, Go to sleep every night with your ideal image in your head.  Use visualization to see every detail of your life as if you have reached your goals.  What would your life look like, feel like, smell and taste like…the more details you can incorporate, the more your subconscious will know how to create for you.  Remember that what you feed your mind…you can create.

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