Spring Weight Loss

Spring is the perfect time to start on that weight loss program.  After hibernating all winter it is time to get out, move your body, and start eating fresh whole foods.  Summer is coming and it is a great time to get a jump on that bikini body!

Here are a few simple tips to get a start on your spring weight loss.

  • lemon-waterStart your morning with a warm glass of lemon water – This will help your body to eliminate toxins that get stored overnight.
  • Take a walk – moving your body has many benefits and walking is easy to do anytime, anywhere.
  • Add one new vegetable into you meal planning this week.  There are so many different types of vegetables to try.  Don’t get stuck in a rut with the same thing every week or you will get bored and quit.
  • Breathe!  Taking deep breaths will help lower stress levels and bring oxygen to the body.
  • Get a massage or take a hot bath with lavender.  Again, this lowers stress hormones which can cause the body to store fat…especially around the middle.
  • Eat your meals on a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.  Portion sizes will be smaller and psychologically you will think you are eating more because the food fills the plate.
  • Chew your food.  Try putting your woman jumpingfork down between bites and don’t take another bite until you thoroughly chew the first bite.  This will force you to slow down and allow your brain to catch up with your stomach.  You will also enjoy your food more.

Try this simple steps and see how you feel!  Keep adding small steps into your daily routine and you will start to see big change.