Reaching your Health Goals

I have come to realize that I can have all the information in the world to help my clients live a healthier life but that is not what my clients REALLY need to be successful with their health goals.
I will tell you the story of a client of mine that I have been seeing for a couple of years now. John came to me on a recommendation from his daughter because she had heard one of the programs I was coaching had great success. John had been on almost every program that came along and had always had some success with them…in the beginning. My program was no different. For the first 6 months John lost about 40 lbs. and was feeling pretty good about that. He was able to get off his blood pressure meds and his cholesterol levels were looking pretty good. Then he hit his plateau. He kept coming to me every week and every week I tried to give him new ideas and suggestions to get him to his ultimate goal. But week after week he would come in weighing the same. Now two years later he is still coming to me, getting his products, and still weighing what he weighed over a year now.
I began to feel like I wasn’t making any difference for him and that I was letting him down. I make suggestions every week…ask him if he is doing everything I tell him (the answer is usually no and he will readily admit that) and I started to doubt myself. Then I asked him…”Why do you keep coming in week after week if you aren’t reaching your goals?” His answer to me was “Because if I didn’t keep seeing you every week I would end up right back where I started. It isn’t your fault I haven’t reached my goals…it is completely mine.”
That answer made me realize that it isn’t my job to rescue my clients and it isn’t my failure that they don’t reach their goals. The thing with John is, he hasn’t had his mind in the game for a while now but he knows that without my support and weekly inspiration he would just end up where he was 2 years ago.
I can give you all the information in the world but if you don’t have your WHY or have your head in the game then you won’t ever reach your goals. The thing I appreciate about John is he doesn’t blame anyone but himself. He takes full responsibility. None of us are perfect, even I have my periods of time where I am not as focused as I would like to be, but we can’t make excuses or blame anyone but ourselves.
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