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Every journey begins with the first step


Joe Metzgar has been in the health and fitness industry since 1991.  He has a passion for helping people reach their individual health goals and tailors each program to fit their individual needs.  He is an avid bike rider and knows what it takes to keep you motivated.


Our main focus at  is to be able to train you without the need for lots of expensive equipment or a costly gym membership. We build a fitness training program around you, your needs and your goals. We emphasize  functional fitness and incorporate strength, cardio, weight loss, and agility training, in a program geared to your abilities. We offer both full hour and half hour workouts depending on your time constraints.







If  you and a group of friends or coworkers want to start a training program for “Summer Shape Up”, “Ski Conditioning”, or just general health, let us know. We will create a class that will challenge you, while providing exercise modifications that allow participation of individuals with a wide range of ability levels.

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