Fitness Trackers


Get Moving!  Get a Fitness Tracker

For Christmas I got a fitness tracker and immediately went for a run to see how many points I could rack up for the day.  I am a pretty active person and of course we coach our clients on how to add more movement and fitness into their daily routine, but just the process of putting on my fitness tracker made me want to move more.  I have a goal set on my tracker and every day I want to meet that goal which gets me out walking more, running more, and just moving more.

It doesn’t really matter what brand of fitness tracker you get…just get one that fits into your needs.  We both got one called a Misfit because it is water resistant up to 30 meters and great for bike riding when you attach it to your foot…which fits into my summer swimming training and Joe’s bike training.  Fitbits are very versitile because they integrate with other apps.  Our meal planning app will soon integrate with Fitbit which is very exciting because it makes tracking your fitness with your meal planning that much easier.  I am all about making things easier so you can stick to your plan!

So go out and get yourself a fitness tracker and challenge yourself to meet your goal every day.  Look for little ways to add steps into your day…even if you only have 10 minutes at a time it all adds up!