Almonds – the perfect snack

Want a healthy snack that is not only satisfying but has amazing health benefits? Try a handful of almonds. They are satisfying with healthy MUFA fats, protein, and fiber. They help control blood sugar swings and are rich in magnesium which helps with insulin sensitivity helping those with insulin resistance and diabetes. Blood sugar swings and insulin resistance is one of the leading causes of weight gain.

Almonds are also an alkalizing food helping to balance our overly acidic bodies. An overly acidic body has a much harder time fighting off disease. Cancers especially love acidic bodies. Processed foods, sugar, and over abundance of red meat can lead to too much acid in the body. You don’t have to eat an entirely alkaline diet but it is good to balance the diet with alkalizing foods.

Almonds are also very rich in antioxidants, especially Vitamin E which helps protect our cells and cell membranes. Oxidative stress is the number one cause of aging and contributes to disease processes. Our cells are constantly being bombarded with toxins from our food and the environment so why not eat a snack that helps protect them.

So if you are looking for an easy, simple snack that has great health benefits, pack a small bag of almonds (raw) and throw them in your purse.